Allied Pinnacle

Allied Pinnacle
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Leaders in flour, ingredients, and delicious bakery products.

We source wheat from the key growing regions throughout Australia and in turn, we supply flour, bread, and cake mixes to food manufacturers, large and small. In addition, we manufacture a wide range of bakery products including artisan bread, hot cross buns, cakes, cheesecake, cookies, pastries, croissants, muffins, doughnuts, scrolls, scones, bagels, eclairs, caramels, jams, and various wet fillings.

We have mills and bakeries located in every capital city. Each of our sites meets the highest standards of food production and have global quality accreditation. Our national warehouse and distribution network deliver products to over 3,000 independent bakeries across Australia every week.

1300 650 855
Allied Pinnacle Pty Limited
Level 4, Building G
1 Homebush Bay Drive
Rhodes NSW 2138
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