NBIA for a thriving baking industry

The NBIA is a passionate group of baking and business professionals whose key focus is to help businesses wherever we can. Which means providing up-to-date information across the board, including Australia-wide industrial relations and human resource advice. Members are notified about critical business insights and supported with Australian Government Legislation compliance as well as providing the correct tools to position their baking business for success. This includes encouragement, support, and inspiring innovation, with examples of best practice to guide you.

As well, we stay connected by way of our social and business networking platforms which means easy access to equipment and ingredient suppliers throughout Australia and world-wide, ensuring strong relationships that strengthen your business and the baking industry. Additionally, our team of specialists provide essential and indispensable advice in our face-to-face forums and events.

The NBIA supports events and competitions within the Australian baking industry to ensure a thriving baking industry and promote a unified baking network. We are promoting the industry and baking career path to job seekers and school leavers via our connections with careers advisors employment service providers, and government departments.

Ensuring a sufficient and skilled workforce within the bakery industry is imperative and this is where we come in. Our team can assist you in your search for experienced staff and keen apprentices throughout Australia. We have alliances with many registered training offices (RTO) across the country and that means we have access to the right contacts that can offer a broad range of training opportunities for you and your staff. It’s what we do here at NBIA.

We invite you to join the one-stop-shop for bakery businesses Australia-wide and experience the benefits for yourself.