The place to find your next baking industry job

The place to find your next baking industry job

As Australia’s leading industry association for the baking industry, we often get asked how to get a job as a baker or pastrycook. As part of our commitment to facilitating a skilled workforce and promoting the industry, we have provided a platform to advertise and apply for baking industry jobs and the following points to help you establish employment with a baking business.

How do I find out about job vacancies in the baking industry?

The Australian baking industry is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled / qualified bakers and pastrycooks, this means that there are a lot of jobs out there to be filled. To keep up with vacancies in the baking industry we encourage you to do the following:

  • Visit the industry exclusive Baking Industry Job Board
  • Do regular searches on Seek and other job listing websites/apps
  • Follow the social media profiles of your local bakeries
  • Visit your local bakeries regularly and ask if there are any vacancies
  • Follow the NBIA on LinkedIn
  • Visit your local employment services provider and ask about vacancies
  • Attend career expos
  • Talk to your school guidance councilor

What is the Baking Industry Job Board?

The Baking Industry Job Board is an online platform created to assist in addressing the shortage of skilled / qualified workers in the Australian baking industry, by advertising job vacancies from around the country in one easy to find location. It is free to list / apply for jobs on the Baking Industry Job Board and all applications are sent directly to the employer.

The NBIA is available to assist advertisers using the Baking Industry Job Board. We promote the job board across our social media profiles and throughout the industry by attending job expos and school careers days. If you are interested in learning more about the baking career path check out the Baking Career website or contact us.

Do I need to be qualified to get a baker or pastry cook job?

Essentially no, bakers and pastrycooks have been travelling the world for centuries working in bakeries, patisseries, boulangeries, and hot bread shops without qualifications. However, those who choose to qualify as a baker or pastry cook will find that they have more luck securing a baking industry job. This is simply because baking businesses are busy workplaces and quite often the business owner doesn’t have time to teach or train staff.

I’m still at school, can I get a job in the baking industry?

Absolutely! In fact, you can begin a part-time school-based apprenticeship in Year 11 which means by the time you finish high school you will have completed the first year of your apprenticeship.

When is the best time to talk to my local bakery about employment?

Bakeries are busy workplaces, quite often the baker is the owner of the business and they won’t be at the bakery during the day. We recommend calling the bakery during normal business hours and asking when is it a good time to speak to the business owner about a job or apprenticeship.