Retarder Proover - A fabulous piece of equipment for the bakery kitchen

Retarder Proover. The ultimate piece of equipment every bakery absolutely needs.

The Retarder Proover, a fabulous piece of machinery that we believe every baking business should utilise. Not only does this gem assist with producing quality baked goods, but it also increases efficiency in the bakery, and provides a solution to reduce those early morning starts.

Firstly, let’s take a closer look at what the Retarder Proover does. The Retarder Proover delays the fermentation process of the yeast in moulded dough, which means that a baker can prepare dough during the day and place it in the Retarder Proover to be baked it off at a later time. Usually, a baker will start work in the late evening hours, for example 12pm and work through to 6-7am. The Retarder Proover provides an effective solution to delay the bakers starting time by up to 3-4 hours which means the baker has a better work life balance and the businesses saves money on electricity and wages.

A common struggle for baking business owners in the Australian baking industry is filling vacant positions that require the worker to work the graveyard shift. Although the Retarder Proover won’t completely remove the need for early morning starts it will enable a later start which will provide a better work life balance for the baker.

Salva Retarder Proover Range available at Vanrooy Machinery

What are the pros of a Retarder Proover?

  • Enables better use of time during the day shift.
  • Makes scoring the dough easier giving an even split during baking resulting in a better-looking loaf of bread.
  • The unit is available in a range of sizes to suit small and large kitchens.
  • Slows down the final rise, resulting in better flavour.
  • Can be used on frozen or fresh dough.
  • Prevents the problem of hard shell and dry dough.
  • Enables precision humidity and temperature control.

What are the cons of a Retarder Proover?

  • It can be difficult to fit the unit in your bakery kitchen.
  • Can be a costly piece of machinery.

Here at the NBIA we believe that all bakeries could benefit from this technology and recommend contacting Australia’s leading kitchen machinery providers, Vanrooy Machinery who stock a variety of Salva Retarder Proovers to suit all bakery kitchens. The Salva range of Retarder Proovers are high quality, energy efficient, and easy to clean. Vanrooy Machinery offers several finance solutions to assist with the cost. If you have any questions or would like more information please visit their website or contact them directly on 1800 776 776.