Food Safety Standards

New Food Safety Standards

As a baking business your customers rely on you to provide baked goods that meet food safety standards. Which means your business needs to be up-to-date and compliant with the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code by Food Standards Australian New Zealand (FSANZ).

Recent changes to the code include a new food safety standard (Standard 3.2.2A) for food service, caterers, and related retail businesses, becoming enforceable in December 2023. It contains requirements for food handler training, a food safety supervisor, and evidence that specific food handling activities are being adequately managed. The video below provides an introduction to Standard 3.2.2A.

These changes are effective in all Australian states and territories as of 8 December 2023 and businesses will need to implement either two or three of these tools depending on their food handling activities.

Nominated food safety supervisors in all licensible food business are required to complete the required training and under legislation take a lead role in supervising food safety within the business. This means they need to be reasonably available to supervise food handling practices during business operating hours and have authority to supervise and give instruction to food handlers.

The NBIA encourages you to contact your local council to find out what is required for compliance by your business.