Flour&Chocolate - NBIA Bakery of the Month
Lachlan Scott, award winning patisserie, Flour & Chocolate
Flour & Chocolate

Lachlan Scott, award winning patisserie,
Flour and Chocolate

Favourite baked goods: Croissants and Baguettes!

A baker since he was 15 years old and a committed business owner who provides a wealth of generous and dedicated service to his customers; Lachlan Scott, the National Baking Industry Association’s Baker of the Month.

Lachlan’s passion for baking began from a very young age. From days spent baking with his mum, inheriting her cooking flair, he knew the life of a baker was his path. Throughout his baking career, Lachlan has worked on all steps of the ladder and believes that these different environments have helped him understand and prepare him for the entire production of his business.

His advice on starting a business? You must be ready to work hard. And that is what he has done, worked hard and continues to work hard. This is why you can purely appreciate the success of his business, Flour & Chocolate and you may have witnessed this success whilst standing out the door lining up for their pastries on a Sunday morning.

Lachlan reflects Flour & Chocolate’s point of difference to their method of running the patisserie. There are no shortcuts to their baking, no premixes, everything is handmade and from beginning to end they always have the customer in mind. Lachlan ensures he invests his professionalism and energy into every creation that is produced so that his customers are not only satisfied with his product, but also with the experience.

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