Plant Based Fats and Oils by MOI International

5 Plant-based fats and oils essential for bakeries

Want to learn more about MOI International fats and oils that are trusted by bakers worldwide? Well, you’ve come to the right place, take a look at MOI International’s range of bakery fats, deep-frying oils and compounds, and cocoa butter alternatives. Manufactured to the highest possible standards with availability worldwide MOI International fats and oils are top-quality.

MOI International’s fats and oils range is broad and encapsulates all aspects of the bakery and foodservice markets. Our focus today is the bakery essential selection including:

Baco - MOI International Fats and Oils


Specially formulated to suit bread, and sweet/savoury buns, Baco softens crumb and improves volume resulting in a larger yield and extended shelf life of the product. It is recommended for use in bread, buns, low fat pie bottoms, and quiche bases.


Available in medium and hard grades, Cakemax is a premium margarine that produces a buttery baked through flavour and texture. Use Cakemax for excellent lift and volume in your cakes and biscuits.

Baco - MOI International Fats and Oils
Butterich - MOI International Fats and Oils


With a silky mouth feel, outstanding buttery flavour, and rich texture Butterich is the perfect alternative to butter. Suitable for bakery and foodservice applications Butterich is ideal for use in biscuits, cakes, and shortbread.


With exceptional plasticity for the production of puff and flaky pastries, Puffmax Cubes is our most popular plant-based laminating margarine ideal for pies, sausage rolls, apple turnovers and other sweet and savoury pastries. Available in medium, hard and extra hard, its versatility and quality ensures it produces a delicate, melt in your mouth puff pastry. 

Now also available in sheets for use in the French pastry method, it offers all the benefits of traditional Puffmax laminating margarine, but with the added convenience of individually wrapped sheets and natural colours for a golden finish, making it a must-have in any bakery or patisserie serving quality sweet and savoury pastries. 

Puffmax - MOI International Fats and Oils
Creamax - MOI International Fats and Oils


A superior mouth feel and texture makes Creamax the perfect addition to your bakery ingredients list. The melting curve is balanced while providing excellent volume and keeping qualities when used in mock cream or butter style cream. Available in medium and tropical grades, Creamax is unflavoured ready for you to add your own vanilla, Devonshire Cream, or butter flavours.

MOI International supports the sustainable production of palm oil, which means you can rest assured that you are making an environmentally responsible purchasing decision when using MOI International fats and oils. MOI products are also Halal and Kosher certified with a selection of products displaying the VTF classification.

As Premium Sponsors of the NBIA MOI International are proud to be working towards a thriving baking industry. BITA apprentices use MOI International fats and oils when training in the BITA kitchen.