Lesaffre Yeast

One in every three loaves of bread baked globally uses Lesaffre yeast. 

Lesaffre launched the world’s first instant dry yeast – Saf-instant® yeast – in 1973, revolutionising the lives of bakers. Today, Lesaffre yeast is still relied on by bakers around the world as the most trusted instant dry yeast, and it is unparalleled in quality and reliability. 

Yeast may be small, but it is extraordinarily strong and is the driving force behind fermentation. This powerful process enables a dense mass of dough to become well-risen bread, providing an outstanding nutritional profile. No wonder this tiny organism is described as having significant “supernatural” abilities. 

With over 170 years of continuous improvement, production skills, expertise, and baking process knowledge, Lesaffre has mastered a range of different yeast types, including fresh, instant dried, and frozen, each remarkable for their performance, purity, and stability. 

Using the right yeast is important for your recipes and depends on your overall preparation time and particular baking needs. Discover the characteristics and benefits of the different types of Lesaffre yeast: 

Fresh Lesaffre Yeast

Fresh Lesaffre yeast, or compressed yeast, is produced in Victoria and packaged in compact, individually wrapped 1kg blocks. It is the ideal yeast for all sized bakeries, including large automated and industrial, as it can be used for a variety of purposes and has the following benefits: 

Lesaffre Yeast
  • compact form, which limits contact with oxygen
  • perfect control over the fermentation power
  • offers precise dosage control and consistent quality, helping to ensure efficient production
  • easy to use as it is added to the dough at the beginning of mixing, requiring minimal preparation
  • FSSC, Halal and Kosher certified

Lesaffre Instant Dried Yeast

Saf-instant® yeast is a high-performing yeast that guarantees superior fermenting power and optimum bread quality. Saf-instant® helps to enhance flavour and provide stable, consistent results.    

In 2023, Lesaffre celebrated a momentous milestone in their history, with the 50th anniversary of the world’s first instant dry yeast. 

The benefits are –

  • easy to use as it does not need to be rehydrated and can be used immediately in a mix
  • when stored at ambient temperatures, it has a shelf life of two years when vacuum sealed
  • requires less storage room
  • has powerful fermentation power
  • Halal certified
  • ideal when refrigerated storage isn’t available
Lesaffre Instant Dry Yeast

There are two variations of Saf-instant® dry yeast, depending on your specific baking needs, as follows –

  • Saf-instant® red yeast is best suited for dough containing under 5% sugar on flour weight, and is perfect for pizza dough, bagels, and baguettes. 
  • Saf-instant® gold yeast is best suited when baking with moderately sweet dough containing 5-20% sugar on flour weight, like croissants, doughnuts, and brioche.

Lesaffre Frozen Yeast

Also known as L.H.I.S. or free-flowing yeast, frozen yeast was first developed and refined by Lesaffre. Frozen yeast helps bakers improve the stability of frozen dough, meeting the growing demand for frozen products that help simplify the supply chain, while producing high-quality baked products.

The benefits of frozen Lesaffre yeast are –

  • can be incorporated directly into the mix, with no thawing needed
  • provides stable fermentation power over long periods and in frozen dough
  • is resistant to the thermal shock of deep freezing
  • is convenient as you can keep it frozen until it is needed for baking

Lesaffre has a variety of frozen yeasts to suit different frozen baking processes, including ready-to-mould, freezer-to-oven, ready-to-proof, and different types of dough. The Lesaffre team can help match the right frozen yeast solution for your needs, giving you greater flexibility in production and consistent results that you can depend on.

The team at Lesaffre is always happy to provide information on the different Lesaffre yeasts and to help determine which yeast is best for optimising your baking needs. 

Lesaffre helps you perfect the art of breadmaking for your customers. Contact our team for all your baking needs and join our global mission to better nourish and protect the planet, simply visit the Lesaffre website or call us on 1300 537 233.