Bakerlux SpeedPro - Technology in the Baking Industry

Demonstrating the Bakerlux Speed.Pro Oven from Unox

On 16 March 2022, the NBIA invited Unox Australia to demonstrate their Bakerlux Speed.Pro™ oven to a selection of bakers from the industry. The NBIA is passionate about baking and the industry and is always keen to get behind technology that can improve productivity and profits for all bakery businesses.

The demonstration began in the BITA Kitchens at NBIA at 10.30 am with an introduction from Milos Povolny and Richard Campbell the local Active Marketing Chefs from Unox. As a team they presented the Bakerlux Speed.Pro™ oven features and accessories before heating the oven and baking up a storm.

The Bakerlux Speed.Pro™ is the first ever oven that is both a traditional convection oven and an innovative speed-oven. As a convection oven the Bakerlux Speed.Pro bakes evenly and enhances fragrances and flavours. It is a compact unit that can be stacked or positioned side-by-side making it perfect for tight kitchens. When it comes to speed baking the Bakerlux Speed.Pro™ heats up food quickly using convection, conduction, and microwave cooking.

The demonstration allowed us to experience the speed and efficiency of baking mode while learning about results like 27 croissants ready in 16 minutes and 36 danish pastries ready in 20 minutes. It’s safe to say that an oven with stats like these would save money and production time for any bakery. 

The highlight of the demonstration was Speed Mode, which enables single and multiple portions of food to be heated in seconds. We witnessed meat pies, pasties, sausage rolls, and sandwiches from the fridge being reheated in 50 to 125 seconds.

Bakerlux SpeedPro Oven Demo

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Bakerlux SpeedPro Oven Demo at NBIA

The features and technology behind this oven offer performance without compromise in any bakery:

  • High efficiency microwave generation technology with stirring effect
  • Wifi connectivity, touch screen programable panel with USB integration
  • Catalytic converters integrated in the cooking chamber to reduce odors
  • Component aeration filter with integrated removable and washable crumb collection
  • Two speed fan system with high performance heating elements
  • ADAPTIVE.Cooking™ registers the changes in humidity and temperature and automatically adjusts the cooking process to the food load delivering perfect results every time.
  • DRY.Plus™ extracts humidity from the baking chamber, helping the internal structure of the product to form properly and guaranteeing a texture that remains consistent for hours after it has finished baking. 
  • SMART.Preheating™ combines an analysis of previous cooking processes with requirements of the next one to guarantee maximum repeatability of results throughout the day.
  • SPEED.Plus combines the microwave generator, geometry of the waveguides, cooking chamber, and high-speed fan with the stirring function to ensure even distribution of microwaves.
  • AIR.Plus guarantees perfect air and heat distribution within the baking chamber.
  • AUTO.Soft allows the oven to automatically regulate the temperature to make it more gentle and guarantee optimal heat distribution.

Thank you to the team at Unox for introducing and demonstrating the exciting and forward thinking Bakerlux Speed.Pro™ Oven for the baking industry. We appreciate the innovation and expect that bakery businesses globally will benefit from it.