Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policies in Queensland

Covid-19 Update (QLD)

Bakery Business

If your bakery business falls within the definition of “essential retail”, your employees and customers are exempt from the Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination requirement from the QLD Government to be vaccinated.

  • Click here to download Proof of vaccination NOT required sign for your shop.
  • Your business is still required to display your customised Check-In QLD QR code sign and you must still ensure all customers, staff, and visitors are checking-in.
  • You can self-impose rules for patrons and can decide to refuse entry to unvaccinated patrons.
  • You are an “essential retail” business if you are a retail seller of bread, pastry, and cake products for consumption away from your premises. The provision of “incidental seating” does not change this characterisation. Therefore, if you only have a few tables and chairs for use of customers who purchased takeaway products, you still fit within this definition. 

Bakery Café

If you are a Bakery Café where seating is provided, your employees and customers (above 16 years old) must be fully vaccinated.

  • Click here to download a Proof of Vaccination Required sign for your shop.
  • A business operator must collect contact information, proof of vaccination or evidence of medical contraindication from all staff, guests, and patrons when entering an establishment by using the Check-In Qld app.
  • A bakery/café is a business that predominantly prepares and sells products for consumption on the premises. The business may also sell a lot of products for consumption on a “takeaway” basis, but the character of the business is largely identified with purchasing products for consumption at the tables provided.

Failure to comply with the Public Health Directive may result in fines exceeding $13,000 or six months in prison. It is therefore vital that every business take action to ensure they are compliant by ensuring that the appropriate signage is in place, and, if you are a “café”, all staff are fully vaccinated.
Remember that it is not you as an employer who is requiring that staff are vaccinated, or that your customers provide the necessary information, but the Queensland Department of Health. You are merely complying with legislation and your obligations under the Public Health Directive.

For detailed vaccination restriction information, please read this.

The Public Health Directive which specifies the obligations and requirements can be found here: Public Health Directive – Vaccination
Other useful information:

If you have any questions about Mandatory Vaccination in Queensland please call the NBIA Membership Hotline on 1300 557 022 or email the NBIA Membership Officer.