Changes to Long Service Leave

Changes to Long Service Leave

In light of the current economic hardship being experienced by all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Industrial Court of Queensland has relaxed the criteria for Applications for payment instead of taking long service leave (form 13).

If an employee requests their long service leave as a gross payment, the commission would appreciate if you could supply the following information, for your employee to submit with their application:

  • The Applicant’s present entitlement to long service leave (eg. The full entitlement accrued to-date) represented in hours;
  • The gross and net monetary value for the amount of long service leave applied for by the applicant; and
  • The title of the Industrial Instruments which apply to the Applicant (i.e. Award, Certified Agreement) if applicable.

If this information is not provided by the employee when they submit their application, a Directions Order will be issued to the employer, requesting that the above information be supplied in a very short turnaround time.

This information will ensure that all employees can receive a decision from a Member of the Commission, all applications will be considered a priority matter.