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NBIA Industrial Relations Advice - Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination

Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination in Victoria, NSW, and Queensland

Members have been seeking advice regarding their obligations to comply with the various Public Health Orders in Victoria, NSW, and Qld which relate to the need for workers in many industries to be vaccinated in order to retain their employment. In short, the position in the various states is as follows: Victoria Employees of Bakeries, […]

NBIA Industrial Relations Advice - Employees Returning From holidays

Coronavirus and employees returning from holidays – What can an employer do?

The latest information from the Federal Government is that: As of January 30, at least 7,711 people have been confirmed infected in mainland China, most of them in and around Wuhan. At least 170 people have died, nearly all in Hubei Province, but officials have confirmed at least eight deaths elsewhere, including one in Beijing […]

Can Employees Request To Take Annual Leave While On Jobkeeper?

The Fair Work Commission has released its first decision detailing what it considered to be an unreasonable refusal to take annual leave under the recent changes to the Fair Work Act.  Those changes include the ability for an employer to request an employee to take annual leave and that the employee can not “unreasonably refuse” the request. […]

Changes to Long Service Leave

Changes to Long Service Leave

In light of the current economic hardship being experienced by all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Industrial Court of Queensland has relaxed the criteria for Applications for payment instead of taking long service leave (form 13). If an employee requests their long service leave as a gross payment, the commission would appreciate if you […]