Baking with Lesaffre

Baking with Lesaffre: 170 years of helping bakers do better!

Lesaffre Australia Pacific are proud sponsors of the National Baking Industry Association and strong supporters of the Australian baking industry. Learn about baking with Lesaffre their history, and their committment to the industry in this blog post.

From its 1872 inception to its growth into a modern baking powerhouse, Lesaffre has revolutionised the baking industry. Driven by an innovative approach, the heritage yeast and fermentation specialist has reshaped the global baking landscape, setting new standards of excellence.

Discover how Lesaffre’s pioneering solutions, commitment to bakers and sustainability efforts empower bakers worldwide.

Lesaffre: where tradition meets innovation

Few family businesses can boast over 170 years of expertise. Tracing its origins to the early days of alcohol distillation in northern France, Lesaffre ventured into yeast and bread making in 1872. Backed by cutting-edge research, they’re committed to finding creative and breakthrough solutions for the Baking, Food Taste & Pleasure, Health Care and Biotechnology industries. Leveraging this expertise in the bread-making domain, Baking with Lesaffre’s mission is to help bakers around the world.

More than a reliable supplier, Lesaffre is a trusted partner who can make baking more efficient, more creative and more inspiring. From industrial companies to artisan bakers, Lesaffre offers solutions for today’s needs and the trends of tomorrow. They have been supporting industrial, craft and food service bakers across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific for over 25 years. 

Lesaffre Australia Pacific has offices in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, and New Zealand and a fully HACCP and ISO accredited state-of-the-art yeast manufacturing facility in Dandenong, VIC, where it locally produces a range of fermentation products and bakery ingredients.

Since 2020, the Australian Baking Centre™ in Mortlake, Sydney, has been part of a global network of 51 Baking Centre™ facilities. They have continually invested in equipment and improvements to support customers in the art of breadmaking. This international expertise allows the local team to tap into global technical application expertise and technologies, including processes for better-finished product performance, new ingredient development, sensory analysis and technical training. Recently, they proudly celebrated the global 50th anniversary of its pioneering Baking Centre™ concept.

Baking with Lesaffre in Sydney

Driven by a mission to nourish and protect the planet, Lesaffre leverages its global knowledge and expertise while fostering local partnerships. With a rich history and a diverse workforce spanning more than 90 nationalities, Lesaffre remains at the forefront of fermentation, working tirelessly to unlock the potential of microorganisms and address the evolving needs of food, health and sustainability.

Baking with Lesaffre commitments

Baking with Lesaffre

The six commitments reflect Lesaffre’s engagement to support bakers every day’s challenges providing a holistic approach to elevating the baking experience. From streamlining the baking process and perfecting ingredient formulations to learning new techniques, developing exciting products and supporting sustainability.

1. Bake for Care

Eating transcends mere sustenance; it is about nurturing health. Baking with Lesaffre’s Care ingredients, enrich nutritional profiles and cater to the wellness needs of consumer demographics while accommodating a wide range of dietary preferences.

2. Bake for Smile

Food should be fun. Bake for Smile ingredients incorporate unique colours, shapes, sense-igniting textures and aromas while ensuring authentic and traditional flavours.

3. Bake for Good

For Lesaffre, sustainability is key. Baking with Lesaffre’s Bake for Good ingredients offers sustainably sourced solutions and transparent ingredient information, upholding its commitment to responsible standards.

4. Bake it Safe

With a global reach, food safety is vital. Baking with Lesaffre Bake it Safe ingredients meet rigorous health and safety standards for consumers and employees, available worldwide with local traceability.

5. Bake it Smart

Baking with Lesaffre understands bakers’ need to remain competitive. Its Bake it Smart ingredients ensure efficiency, high performance, cost savings and the use of lean techniques with easy-dosage solutions to stay ahead.

6. Bake it Easy

From digital apps made for production and customised, turnkey solutions to a wide range of ready-to-use options, Bake it Easy simplifies the baking process.

Today, Baking with Lesaffre’s diverse product range includes classics like yeast and bread improvers, and in-demand ingredients like sourdough solutions. To meet the demand for clean labels and transparency, their product range also includes clean-label, gluten free and non-GMO options, while their cultivation and production prioritise environmental stewardship.

From its humble beginnings in French distillation, Baking with Lesaffre has evolved into a global leader in yeast and bread-making solutions. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, their global team of experts are dedicated to training, developing skills and providing tailored solutions for customers, including master bakers, industrial producers, distributors and R & D teams, forging a path towards a greener future and nurturing the planet with every loaf.

Lesaffre helps you perfect the art of breadmaking for your customers. Contact the team for all your baking needs and join their global mission to better nourish and protect the planet. Visit or call on 1300 537 233 (Customer Service).