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Baking Industry Job Board

On 7 November 2022, the NBIA launched The Baking Industry Job Board. This great tool is hosted on the NBIA website and is promoted to a broad variety of potential job candidates via Employment Service Providers, community groups, careers advisors, school careers counsellors, online communities, and industry representatives.

With staff shortages causing stress for many Australian baking businesses the NBIA has made it one of our objectives to facilitate a skilled workforce for the baking industry. This means we are working with government departments and other industry stakeholders to promote baking/pastrycook apprenticeships and the industry, along with providing other channels to connect job seekers with employers.

On 23 November 2022, the NBIA, the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, National Retail Association, and other industry stakeholders will be hosting The Baking Industry Jobs and Careers Webinar to promote your jobs* and the industry to Employment Service Providers, community groups, careers advisors, and school careers councilors. * Due to the bakers skills shortage, it is unlikely that qualified bakers will be located for the positions – but we can try!

We invite you to list your job vacancies on the Baking Industry Job Board to make the most of this fantastic promotional opportunity. 

About the Baking Industry Job Board

This digital platform is hosted on the NBIA website will be promoted directly to those already in the industry and those considering a career as a baker or pastrycook. This means that your job listing will reach the audiences that could possibly fill the vacancy.
The Baking Industry Job Board has been customised to suit the unique needs of the baking industry. Advertisers are asked to create an account giving them access to place job advertisements and edit them if need be. All job applications will be forwarded directly to the advertiser.