3 Bakery marketing ideas to utilise in your bakery this Valentines Day

Are you looking for new bakery marketing ideas for your business? Valentines Day is coming up on 14 February so why not utilise the event to connect with your customers. In this blog post we’ve listed a few ways you can promote your business and engage with your customers on the topic of love.

Bakery marketing ideas #1: Run a social media competition

In a Facebook or Instagram post like the one on the left, ask your followers to respond in the comments with the flavour/product they love the most. You could offer a bakery hamper or instore gift card as a prize for the most creative response. A competition like this helps to increase engagement with your audience, and the comments your customers leave can also help to see what products are popular.

Ask your followers to “Tag a loved one in the comments that you would share this cake/bread/cookies with“. The people who tag someone go into the draw to win the “cake/bread/cookies”. A competition like this will usually encourage people to follow your social media profile resulting in an increase in your followers.

Bakery Marketing Ideas - Valentines Day

Bakery marketing ideas #2: Themed baked goods

Choose a selection of your usual products to be themed with a Valentine’s Day style. Come up with some creative titles for each product like “conversation starter cookies”, “love buns”, or “sweets for my sweet”. Utilise colour gels, sprinkles, stamps, and different piping techniques to apply the theme to your usual products. Check out the gallery below for decorating ideas.

Be sure to promote the products on your social media using bold captions like, “We’ve got the sweets for your sweet.” or “Show them how much you love their buns” and finish it with a call to action like “Available at THE BAKERY for a limited time“.

Bakery marketing ideas #3: Decorate your bakery

Paired with themed baked goods decorating your bakery with hearts, baloons, streamers, etc is a sure way to get peoples attention and including an interactive component will encourage engagement with customers.

A simple and fun way to make it interactive is to create a love message wall in your shop. Provide paper shaped hearts and pens on the counter and ask your customers to write a love note to their loved one, then pin the note on the wall. The gallery below shows some examples of Valentine’s Day decorations and love message walls.

There are many dates throughout the year that you can apply these bakery marketing ideas to we’ve listed a few below.

  • New Years Day
  • Australia Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Chineese New Year
  • St Patricks Day
  • April Fools Day
  • Easter
  • Anzac Day
  • King’s Birthday
  • Your Local Show Day
  • International Womans Day
  • Melbourne Cup Day
  • Mothers Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Halloween
  • Your own businesses birthday

As with any marketing for your business it’s important to track and monitor engagement. This will help you to decide what worked and what to change up for the next campaign. NBIA Members are entitled to receive free marketing advice. Call 1300 557 022 or email marketing@nbia.org.au for more information.