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5 Frozen dough solutions to keep your baking business competitive and efficient

In today’s competitive market, baking businesses big and small are looking to get a bigger bang for their buck while increasing efficiency in production. After years of research and development Angel Yeast has introduced several improver and yeast products that can be used in frozen dough to extend fermentation and protect yeast cells and gluten from damage during the freezing process.

Utilising frozen dough in your bakery is one of the many ways to reduce the need for early morning starts which in turn results in happier staff. Here at the NBIA we aim to provide professional advice and strategies that will better your baking business. In addition to these yeast and improver solutions check out this blog post about the use of Retarder Provers.

FrozDo Instant Dry Yeast - Angel Yeast

Angel FrozDo Instant Dry Yeast

Compared to regular yeast FrozDo, exhibits outstanding freeze resistance, making it perfect for extending the fermentation process. This means that dough can be frozen for a set period and thawed out for use when needed.

Higher resistance to freeze damage

Dough made using FrozDo is 15% more resistant to damage during the freezing process than dough made with regular dry yeast. Less damage to the yeast cells and gluten during freezing means the fermentation process is stable and the shelf life of the product is extended.

Limited fermentation activity during freeze period

Fermentation activity is limited during the freezing period and quickly activates once the dough is thawed out. Producing high-quality fermentation results for frozen dough.

Wide application

FrozDo can be used in various sugar-free and low-sugar dough formulas, maintaining superior fermentation performance in formulas with 0-15% sugar content.

On-demand usage and easy to store

Ambient temperature storage enables on-demand usage without requiring any additional preparation.

Semi-Dry Yeast - Angel Yeast

Angel Semi-dry Yeast

Angel Semi-dry Yeast is cold-resistant and formulated specifically for use in frozen dough, enabling it to maintain a consistent level of fermentation activity even after prolonged storage. Depending on specific requirements, the shelf life of frozen dough can range from 15 days to six months. The recommended dosage for Angel Semi-dry Yeast falls in the range of 1.5-3% however, the amount of yeast added can be adjusted.

BakersDream Frozen Dough Improver F-99

BakerDream Frozen Dough Improver F-99

When mixing dough intended to be frozen, a small amount of BakerDream Frozen Dough Improver F-99 can help reduce damage to yeast cells during freezing. Other factors of improvement include an increase in the gas retention ability and stability, strengthening of the gluten structure, improved tolerance to freezing, and increased volume of the finished bread product. This improver is specifically designed to be used in frozen dough and is suitable for sweet bread with a shelf life of 3-6 months.

A-Plus Pastry Bread Improver - Angel Yeast

Angel A-Plus Pastry Bread Improver

Angel A-Plus Pastry Bread Improver is suitable for use in Croissant and Danish dough and can be frozen for up to three months. This improver plays a very important role in stabilising gluten structure and reducing the damage caused by ice crystals that form during the freezing process.

BakerDream FTO Frozen Dough Improver

BakerDream FTO Frozen Dough Improver is used when making Croissant dough that needs to be frozen. This product increases the stability of the dough quality during freezing as well as significantly increasing expansion in the oven, creating a more uniform honeycomb structure, and achieving better coloring.

The benefits of freezing your dough are extensive and can result in an increase in production efficiencies. Angel Yeast products are available at various distributors around the Country. For more information click here to visit the Angel Yeast website and fill out the contact form.