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June 2012


There is a new team at NBIA – come and meet us!



August 2011


"Not All Bread is Created Equal" Campaign

"Not All Bread is Created Equal" Campaign

A2 poster FREE to all members. Contact Billie on 07 3831 5961 or email: Billie-Jo@nbia.org.au. There is a postage and packaging charge of $5.00 per order for NBIA Members ($10 for non-members).


For full details click here.



29 August 2011


Proud bakers fight back


The National Baking Industry Association (NBIA) has launched a consumer campaign to highlight those bakers who create fresh bread from scratch on site every day.


The Not all bread is created equal campaign is particularly pertinent to consumers who might be confused about the freshness of bread sold by supermarkets for $1 a loaf, says NBIA General Manager Paul McDonald.


“This campaign identifies those bakers who value freshness over mass produced and distributed product,”says Mr McDonald.


“Major manufacturers ship their product hundreds of kilometres around the country, and therefore they produce bread which could be sold up to three days later.


“Consumers shouldn’t have to settle for days-old bread, passing itself off as freshly baked.”

The campaign recognises the proud local bakers who take pride in the freshness and quality of the goods they produce. Consumers are advised to look out for the Not all bread is created equal posters in bakeries when making a decision over where to buy their bread, advises Mr McDonald.


“We hope this campaign will highlight those bakers who are the best at what they do – providing freshly baked goods every day from their own ovens,” says Mr McDonald.


For more information please contact:

Billie on 07 3831 5961 or Billie-Jo@nbia.org.au


24 August 2011


Announcing Queensland’s Best Baker for 2011


The future of baking in Queensland looks bright, following the best ever turnout of baked goods at the 2011 Queensland Baking Competition.


Some of Queensland’s finest bakers and pastry chefs were among the 100 entrants in the Baking Competition held at Suncorp Stadium yesterday. There were 18 categories in total, including meat and specialty pies, cupcakes, cake decorating, and breads such as Traditional Sourdough, French stick and Vienna. This year two new categories were introduced; Macarons and Savoury Bread Invention.


The overall winner of the show was Glynn Price, of the Pastry Chef Bakery Café in Maroochydore. Glynn won first prize in the Special Occasion/Celebratory Cake, Specialty Meat Pie and Sweet Fruit Loaf categories, with his Pecan invention entry scoring 99 out of a possible 100 marks.


Proving cupcakes are a winning formula, Jin Young Kim of The Cupcake Parlour in Brisbane took out first prize in this category for the second year in a row. Apprentices also had a great show with Ned Law from O’Grady’s Bakehouse winning the apprentice cupcake section and Alex Stevenson from Woolworths Brown Plains coming first in the white plait loaf category.

Winning first and second prize for the best meat pie was Beefy’s Pies from the Sunshine Coast.


Show Winner: Glynn Price, Pastry Chef Bakery Café
French Stick: Tony Robinson, Ferny Way Bakery
White Vienna: Daniel Farrvgia, Woolworths Browns Plains
Sweet Fruit Loaf: Glynn Price, Pastry Chef Bakery Café
Ciabatta: Nathan Dore, Bazza's Bakehouse
Traditional Sour Dough: Brett Hooper, Bakers Delight Currimundi
Savoury Bread Invention: Brendan Burges, Quart Pot Bakehouse
Commercial bread: Anthony Glazebrooks, Wello Point Bakery
Decorated Gateaux or Torte: Aki Kurashima, Aki's Hand
Cheesecake: Peter Voermanek, Pick 'n' Pay Hypermarket, Aspley
Special Occasion Cake: Glynn Price, Pastry Chef Bakery Café
Cupcakes: Jin Young Kim (Jasmine), The Cupcake Parlour
Apple Pie: Jim Roberts, Blackbutt Bakery
Meat Pie: Mark Hobbs, Beefy’s Pies
Specialty Pie: Glynn Price, Pastry Chef Bakery Café
Invention with Pecans: Glynn Price, Pastry Chef Bakery Café
Apprentice White 4 Strand Plait: Alex Stevenson,Woolworths Brown Plains
Apprentice Cupcakes: Ned Law, O’Grady’s Bakehouse



There are plenty of images available from the day, with all products laid out on display along with the proud bakers competing for glory. For more information please contact Billie on 07 3831 5961 or by emailing Billie-Jo@nbia.org.au.



26 July 2011


Golden Anniversary for Baking Icon


It’s been 50 years since Bread House in Spring Hill first opened its doors, on to a radically different bakery landscape from what it is today.


The iconic brick building on Gregory Terrace was established as the baking industry’s headquarters on 26 July 1961, and is home to the National Baking Industry Association (NBIA).


Half a century ago, white sliced bread was the most popular style of loaf in Australia. However consumers were beginning to enjoy a variety of “fancy breads” made with rye and kibbled wheat, thanks to the influx of immigrant bakers from Italy, Hungary and Austria.

Initially, local bakers felt threatened by these new arrivals, but they quickly came to appreciate the opportunities innovation and variety presented.


Fifty years later Artisan Bakers are highly regarded in the industry and Artisan bread now accounts for around half of bread sales in Australia, says Paul McDonald, General Manager, NBIA.


“Consumers today appreciate quality and choice, just as they did 50 years ago,” says Mr McDonald.


“As a result, hand-crafted artisan bread is continuing to grow in popularity as are breads made from health-giving grains and specialist breads such as gluten-free.”


In a move to uphold and honour these fine baking traditions, NBIA last year launched the Baking Seal of Excellence. The Seal recognises bakers who produce mainly hand-crafted goods with special attention to natural, quality ingredients, traditional processes and a return to the fundamentals of age-old skills in Australia.


Despite its exacting standards, the number of bakers who qualify for the Baking Seal of Excellence is growing every day, says Mr McDonald.


“Although many things have changed over the past 50 years, one thing remains the same: the consumer’s desire for quality, fresh bread baked the traditional way.”



May 2011

2011 North Queensland Baking Show - TOWNSVILLE


Wednesday 25th May
Jupiter’s Casino, Townsville

12.30pm display open to press and public I 2pm final awards presented


Bakers, baking aficionados and bread enthusiasts gathered on Wednesday 25 May for the National Baking Industry Association’s (NBIA) North Queensland Baking show.


Held at Jupiter’s Casino, Sir Leslie Thiess Drive, Townsville, the event drew a large crowd who came to see who would be crowned top baker.


Competition was strong with over 40 bakers entering products in 18 categories that included meat pie, special occasion cake, decorated Gateaux, sourdough, French stick and two categories specifically for apprentices.


Industry representatives were also on hand, with many, (including members of NBIA’s board) flying up from Brisbane and Melbourne especially for the event which included displays, demonstrations and an industry lunch.


Says NBIA General Manager Paul McDonald, “As the National Association the NBIA holds these competitions to showcase the great skills that exist in the baking industry today and give recognition to those who demonstrate those skills on a daily basis.”


Category winners on the day included:

  • Traditional Sourdough Cob Category – Three Loaves Bakehouse

  • Special Occasion/Celebration Cake Category – Happy Cakes

  • Macarons Category – Jean Pierre Patisserie

  • Meat Pie Category – Barcaldine Bakery

  • French Stick Category – Jochheims Pies

  • Apprentice Categories (Four Variety Cupcakes & White 4-Strand Plait) – Greg Frost, Barcaldine Bakery

But in the end there could only be one champion. The honour went to Ian Dellit of Jean Pierre Patisserie who, in addition to a plaque, won flights, accommodation and entry to compete in the Queensland Baking Show held in August.


Congratulations go to Ian and to all bakers who entered. NBIA looks forward to the 2012 competition being bigger and better than ever.

For more information on the event, please contact Briana Cicchelli on 07 3831 5961 or by emailing briana@nbia.org.au. Images of the day can also be made available.


For more information on the National Baking Industry Association and full results please go to



February 2011

Nomination for State Management Committee

Baking Industry Association QLD will be holding its Annual General Meeting on March 22. All members are invited to nominate potential candidates for positions of office by filling out the form here and returning it by February 22.

Please contact NBIA on 07 3831 5961 if you have any questions.



February 2011

National Baking Industry Association calls for Fair Go

As of Friday afternoon (February 4), the Australian Chamber of Commerce

and Industry (ACCI) has thrown its support behind the National Baking Industry

Association (NBIA) in its effort to see independant bakers receive a fairer

minimum price for their product.

The action was undertaken in response to the hype in recent weeks about

the possibility of supermarkets reducing the price of bread to as little as $1.

Says NBIA’s General Manager Paul McDonald, “Selling bread for $1 or even

$1.09 as it already is in many supermarkets will have massive implications for

the baking industry. Realistically, an independent baker cannot produce a

quality loaf of bread you would want to feed your children for less than $1.50.

They just can’t compete.”

The action has been started on behalf of the baking industry, after an opinion

piece published by the NBIA received a record number of responses from

bakers calling for the lobbying to take place.

Overall, most responses centred around the difficulties bakers have faced in

recent years with regards to an overall loss of skills and the challenges in

attracting young people to the industry.

However it is the difficulties faced with gaining a fair price for their product

that still affects bakers the most, with many listing the unstinting drive of the

supermarket giants as the death knell for many small bakeries.

Says Mr McDonald; “This issue has really galvanised bakers across Australia. As

the industry’s voice, NBIA is committed to seeing the matter through to the

highest levels for this is not simply about getting a fair price, but about our

very future.”

NBIA is also calling upon consumers to show their support and buy locally to

help small business.

“By supporting your local bakery, not only are you ensuring its future, but you

are purchasing fresher and often taster and more nutritious bread for your

family. It’s a win win for all involved.”

NBIA has also approached Mr Graeme Samuel, Chairman of the ACCC to

investigate bread pricing further.


For more information please contact:


Briana Cicchelli


07 3831 5961 or 0422 239 416 or briana@nbia.org.au



February 2011

The Bread War 

The price war on bread has officially begun as supermarket giants threaten the livlihood of independent bakers with Coles Supermarkets this week reportedely threatening to reduce the price of bread to just $1.00. 


But despite the price cuts, the National Baking Industry Association (NBIA)

believes that it is still the consumer who will loose out in the end.


Says NBIA’s General Manager, Paul McDonald: “Realistically, an independent

baker cannot produce a quality loaf of bread you would want to feed your

children for less than $1.50 and as soon as variety, nutrition and good old

fashioned service come into play, that cost does tend to escalate.”


Mr McDonald believes independent bakers cannot therefore compete with

the $1 loaves and will find it harder and harder to remain competitive, with

again, the consumer the ultimate loser.


“If your corner store bakery closes, not only does the consumer lose out on

things like service and variety, but also the quality and freshness of having a

loaf made locally that morning versus bread that has been shipped

sometimes 100s of kilometres to your nearest supermarket.”


NBIA therefore, is calling for consumers to consider what they are really

paying for when choosing their next loaf of bread.


“Consumers need to support smaller businesses during this time when

conglomerates are looking to monopolise the industry. We don’t want to see

the sad demise of our independents like we did in the fuel industry, where

prices have only continued to climb while traditional customer services like

having bowser attendents and complimentary window washing have all but



Says Mr McDonald, “It is obvious that the supermarket chains have scant

regard for the small business sector of Australia, when as a nation we are

trying to rebuild after so many natural disasters, it is not the time to threaten

the livelihood of small business and the careers of the thousands of staff

employed by them.”


Further to this, NBIA has now called upon Mr Graeme Samuel, Chairman of

the ACCC to investigate this matter.


For more information please contact:


Briana Cicchelli


07 3831 5961 or 0422 239 416 or briana@nbia.org.au


November 2010

NBIA Baking Seal of Excellence - does your business fit the criteria?

NBIA has introduced the Baking Seal of Excellence to uphold and honour the fine baking traditions and produce items that have been largely hand-crafted with special attention to natural, quality ingredients, traditional processes and a return to the fundamentals of age-old skills in Australia.


To mark them as baking businesses of note and make them more readily identifiable to consumers, the Association has created a mark of excellence - the NBIA Baking Seal of Excellence.


Does your baking business meet the criteria to receive a Baking Seal of Excellence?


If you have any questions or would like an information kit for your baking business, please contact Briana Cicchelli on 1300 557 022 or email briana@nbia.org.au



November 2010

Calling Australia’s Best Pastry Chefs!

Team Pastry Australia is looking for interested professionals to represent Australia at the Asian Pastry Cup in April 2012 in Singapore.


The teams will be captained by Dean Gibson of TAFE NSW  and managed by Jian Yao of Continental Patisserie.


Those seeking to apply should have at least eight years experience and the ability to undertake 10 hours training a week individually, at least four days of training a month at the team training facility in Melbourne, and several week-long training sessions during 2011 under an internationally renowned training specialist.


Written applications are now open and close on 1st December 2010. They should include a CV & the application form available HERE, also training history, competition history, photographs of work and why you would like to compete.


The team will be chosen via written applications with an interview deciding the top ten finalists.


Please send your finished application to Briana Cicchelli at Bread House 49-51 Gregory Tce, Spring Hill Q 4000 or email briana@nbia.org.au


August 2010

Visit NBIA at Fine Foods Melbourne

Fine Food Australia is the largest retail, food and hospitality industry event in Australia. Boasting over 1000 exhibitors of leading brands, Fine Food runs from 13 to 16 September 2010 at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.


The ability to be competitive is critical as business confidence in Australia’s restaurant and hospitality sector increases, according to an industry poll by Fine Food Australia. Fine Food Australia will offer the baking industry the opportunity to discover solutions and compare suppliers.

The show offers the industry the chance to experience a range of different exhibitors in bakery world including Confoil, Detpak, Lindsays Pie Making, Kwik Lok, Trisco Foods, Unilever, Ready Bake and TGA Pastry.


Baking Events on during the show include:


1. Pastry Cup


A main event at Fine Food Australia is the Australian Culinary Challenge, as part of challenge there will be Pastry Cup, a competition that pits individual pastry chefs against each other across four classes of competition:

Dessert Live Challenge, in the live kitchen,
Petit Fours/pralines, in the static division
Four Different Desserts, in the static division and
Sweet Buffet Centrepiece, in the static division
The Australian Pastry Cup gives pastry chefs an opportunity to display a range of skills, compete against pastry chefs from across Australia and come away with some of the sweetest prizes on offer. I have attached the entry form for more information.


2. Bakeskills

The competition will feature Australia’s finest young apprentices and newly-qualified pastry chefs and bakers competing for their States in a number of different categories including creative cake, pastry, dessert and pie production, chocolate gateaux, chocolate model, a gingerbread feature and decorated special occasion cake competition.

3. Official Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition 

This year marks the 21st Anniversary of this great Aussie event. The best pie makers in the country will be submitting their products for judging. Over four days, a panel of 15 expert judges will taste their way through the entries to find the best pie maker in the land.


To register for Fine Foods, please visit their website here for FREE entry until August 30.


August 2010

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Stay up-to-date with events, photos, share recipes & communicate amongst the baking industry using our Facebook page.


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Baking Industry Golf Day Results


Congratulations to Rainforest Bakery who took out the prize this year!


2nd Place: Bakers Delight Kawana Waters

3rd Place: Rhono Finance


Check out all of the photos on our Facebook page!

July 2010

North Queensland Baking Show Results

Bakers, baking aficionados and bread enthusiasts gathered on Wednesday 21 July for the National Baking Industry Association’s (NBIA) North Queensland Baking Show.


Held at the Pullman Reef Hotel in Cairns; the event drew a large crowd who came to see who would be crowned top baker.


Competition was strong with over 50 bakers entering products in categories that included sourdough, commercial loaves, best decorated torte and a category specifically for apprentices.


Industry representatives were also on hand, with many, (including members of NBIA’s board) flying up from Brisbane and Melbourne especially for the event which included displays, demonstrations and an industry lunch.


Says NBIA General Manager Paul McDonald, “I was very pleased to see the great number of practicing bakers, TAFE representatives and industry suppliers who came along to support what will now be an annual event”.


There were several category winners on the day including Quinto Curcio from Curcio’s Bakery in the Specialty Meat Pie Category and Neng Chang from Cairns Breadworks in the French Stick Category.


But in the end there could only be one champion. The honour went to Jana Ludwig of The Gingerbread House Bakery who, in addition to a plaque and cheque for $500, won flights, accommodation and entry into the 2010 Queensland Baking Show held in September.


“As the National Association the NBIA holds these competitions to showcase the great skills that exist in the baking industry today and give recognition to those who demonstrate those skills on a daily basis.” Says Mr McDonald


Congratulations go to Jana and to all bakers who entered. NBIA looks forward to the 2011 competition being bigger and better than ever.

  • Grand Show Winner – Jana Ludwig, The Gingerbread House Bakery

  • French Stick Category Winner – Neng Chang, Cairns Breadworks

  • Traditional Sour Dough Category Winner – Nancy Jung, North QLD TAFE

  • Bread Invention Category Winner – Raj Bains, North QLD TAFE

  • Commercial Bread Category Winner – Paddy O’Regan, Paddy’s Pie Shop

  • Decorated Gateaux/ Torte Category Winner - Jana Ludwig, The Gingerbread House Bakery

  • Special Occasion Cake Category Winner – Greg Stewart, Atherton Bakehouse

  • Plain Meat Pie Category Winner – Greg Hutton, Annabel’s Bakery

  • Specialty Meat Pie Category Winner – Quinto Curcio, Curcio’s Bakery & Paddy O’Regan, Paddy’s Pie Shop

  • Baking Invention with Pecans Category Winner – Danielle Rabbitt, Sebel Cairns

  • Apprentice Category Winner – Ashley Healey, Malanda Bakery


For full event results, please email Billie at Billie-Jo@nbia.org.au.




May 2010


As expected, Wayne Swan's third budget is a conservative and cautious affair, designed to bring Australia back towards a budget surplus. Here is a summary of how it may affect your business.

NBIA is disappointed with the Budget, as there was no immediate help for small businesses who find themselves operating in some of the worst trading conditions in years. While the cuts to the corporate tax rate and the immediate asset write-off is good, smaller businesses won't see the benefits of these for more than two years.

NBIA supports these reductions in company tax, which will be of value to about 720,000 small businesses. However, two-thirds of small bakeries are unincorporated and do not receive a benefit from reductions in company tax. Those two thirds pay tax at marginal personal rates, which were not reduced in the Government Response to the Henry Review. Similarly, business owners who take profits out of a company will receive limited benefit in terms of the income tax they pay.


The Henry Tax Review recommended reducing the company tax rate to 25 per cent in the “short to medium-term with the timing subject to economic and fiscal circumstances”.

Those two-thirds of unincorporated small businesses do however secure benefits in the Government Response in other tax areas. The Government has announced that small
business will be permitted to immediately write-off assets valued at under $5,000 and will also have access to simplified depreciation of all other assets, excluding buildings, in a single pool at a 30 per cent rate. These measures will be introduced on 1 July 2012 and cost $1.03bn in 2013-14.


Set against these tax concessions for small business is, however, the fact that all small business employers – incorporated or unincorporated – will be required to pay the higher superannuation guarantee levy over the course of the next decade.


The funding base for the proposed reductions in company tax and the depreciation and asset write off tax changes is the proposed Resource Super Profits Tax. NBIA believes that these tax concessions for small business, particularly the asset write off changes and the depreciation changes, are merited in their own right – and indeed overdue. They should not be dependent on a new tax being imposed in order to be given budget priority.


Tax cuts from 1 July 2010:

  • Increase to Low Income Offset, effectively raising the tax free threshold from $14000 to $16000 for salaries up to $30,000

  • Increase the 30% tax threshold from $35,001 to $37,001

  • 38% tax rate will be reduced to 37%

The Government will introduce a standard deduction clause for taxpayers that will allow taxpayers to deduct $500 of work-related and tax agent expenses from 2012-13, with the allowance rising to $1,000 from 2013-14.

Tick and flick tax returns for 2012 onwards:

  • System will work on an opt in basis – i.e. so workers can still claim expenses above the standard deduction.

  • For y/e 30 June 2013 taxpayers will have the option of a $500 standard deduction for work related expenses and the cost of managing tax affairs to simplify their tax returns. $500 in deductions

  • For y/e 30 June 2014 this will increase to $1000 deductions

The Government predicts 6.4 million people could use this option.



  • The main initiatives for small business were previously released as part of the Government's response to the Henry Tax Review. These include a reduction of the corporate tax rate from 30% to 28% and the immediate write-off for assets costing less than $5,000. Both will come into effect from July 1, 2012.

  • Treasury says unemployment peaked at 5.8% last year and will now fall to 4.75% over the next four years, indicating the Australian economy is close to full employment.
    · The Government has delivered the third tranche of tax cuts promised in the 2007 election campaign. The 30% tax rate has been raised for all taxpayers from $35,000 to $37,000, saving the average taxpayer $200 a year.

  • The Government will spend more than $660 million in training, apprenticeships and adult literacy and numeracy programs over the next four years. Initiatives included 39,000 additional training places in high-demand sectors, plus support for 22,500 apprentices.

  • The Government will encourage savings by providing a 50% tax discount on the first $1,000 of interest earned on deposits, bonds, debentures and annuity products.

  • The Government will spend $125.2 million over the next eight years to create a single national online registration system for business names and Australian Business Numbers, meaning businesses will no longer need to be registered in each State and Territory. .

  • Small businesses that account for GST on a cash basis will be allowed to claim input tax credit upfront in relation to hire purchase agreements.

  • The Government will spend $2.7 million to improve access to mediation for those operating under the Franchising Code of Conduct, the Horticulture Code and the Produce and Grocery Industry Code.

May 2010


Selling for only $65, each Book includes an Entertainment™ Gold Card, which is valid for incredible offers from fine restaurants and hotels in your area.


For more information please visit www.entertainmentbook.com.au/


To purchase an Entertainment Book contact Billie immediately on 07 3831 5961 or email her here.


May 2010



Published by the National Baking Industry Association (NBIA), the Australasian Baker is printed only to benefit bakers and be of value to the industry as a whole – not used as a profit-making tool by independent companies.


With the simple goal of being educational, informative and inspiring, the magazine maintains a good balance between articles and advertising and strives to be the first in showcasing the latest in trends, products and practices from around Australia and the world.


Each edition of Australasian Baker includes Industrial Relations news, recipes, book reviews, articles on baking throughout the rest of the world, features on topics such as gluten free baking and organic production, reviews of other Australian bakeries and guides on better marketing, branding and business in general.


This is the magazine that helps the bakers to develop their businesses – whether that be through coverage of innovative organisations, information on new baking products, profiles on those who influence the industry most or practical business information in areas of marketing, systems, manufacturing and management.


If you need to reach the baking industry and communicate in an efficient way, Australasian Baker is by far your best resource. First established in 1897, it has enjoyed a long history as the industry’s preeminent magazine and a number one resource for all things baking.



If you would like to contact our Editor Briana Cicchelli for more information, if you have a story or are interested in advertising (don't forget Commercial Members receive a 10% discount!), please contact her on (07) 3831 5961 or
email her here



As your national body we represent you by being a member of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) which speaks for over 4 million employees at the federal level; working for the benefit of your business. Below is a small snapshot of the work ACCI has done in the last six months on your behalf.


Influencing Award Modernisation

  • ACCI continued to fight against increases to labour costs under the new national industrial relations awards. We persuaded a Full Bench of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to phase in cost increases over a five year period. As a result, employers will save around $882 million each year, or $4.4 billion over five years.

Unfair Contract Terms

  • ACCI successfully lobbied the Australian Government to stop laws that would have allowed employees to challenge the fairness of their employment contracts under “consumer law” legislation.

Boosting Workplace Skills

  • ACCI was instrumental in developing a Workplace Mentoring Skills Set, in the new Training and Assessment Training Package currently under development by Innovation and Business Skills Australia. Our aim is to create a mentoring skills set to keep apprentices engaged for the duration of their tenure and ensure an effective transfer of skills from employer to apprentice..

Research Study

  • ACCI and the Federal Minister for Employment Participation Senator Mark Arbib launched an ACCI research study Worth Their Weight in Gold. The study examines re-engagement, support, suitability, retention and management strategies for disengaged apprentices and ways to actively encourage them to return to their trade, boosting workforce skills.

NBIA will continue to support ACCI as it works to support you, please contact Billie if you have any questions about your membership or would like to join NBIA by phoning 07 3831 5961 or email her here.





Over 220 of Queensland’s finest bakers and pastry cooks attended the 18th Annual Baking Industry Association Queensland (BIAQ) Awards Night held on Tuesday April 20 at Hillstone St Lucia.


Chinese lion dances, a martial arts display, fire crackers, yum cha and a sea of vibrant red were all on show to mark the event, which showcased and celebrated innovation, dedication and excellence within the baking industry.

The big winner on the night was Brisbane Bakery Le Bon Choix who took out both Brisbane Bakery of the Year as well as the Queensland Bakery of the Year. Translated, Le Bon Choix means "the best choice", and after tasting the goodies from this French patisserie with two Brisbane locations, BIAQ had to agree.


With a dash of Parisian flair and charm, Le Bon Choix, run by Frenchman Savico Basset-Rouge impressed with their tempting range of freshly baked sweet and savoury delights, accompanied by excellent coffee.

Savico will now be off to Malaysia to attend a pastry course at the acclaimed HTC School in Kuala Lumpur.


This years winners:

Central Qld Bakery of the Year – Pie & Pastry Paradise

South East Queensland Bakery of the Year - Beefy’s

Brisbane Bakery of the Year – Le Bon Choix

Queensland Bakery of the Year – Le Bon Choix

Marketing Award - Cakes By Judy C

Environmental Award - Homestyle Bakeries, Toowomba

Best Newcomer – Joint between Twisted Loaf, Toowoomba and Crusty Devil Bakehouse, Brisbane

Employer Award – Steele’s Bakery & Cafe

Jack Sheeran “Young Tradesperson of the Year’ Award – Aaron Skinn of Barcaldine Bakery


If you have any questions or would like information on runner ups, where to purchase images etc please contact Billie on (07) 3831 5961 or email her here.


Victory for NBIA and the Baking Industry!


Today we have received notification from Fair Work Australia (FWA) that they will make amendments to the General Retail Industry Award 2010 in relations to issues we have raised with them.


The method adopted by the Commission was to recognise the operational requirements for newsagents and video shops in the modern award by modifying the starting or commencement time for ordinary hours for a particular type of establishment, rather to provide for a modified shift allowance.


FWA has recognised that people seeking employment as bakers in the retail or the manufacturing industry know that an early start and an early finish are almost inevitable and are part and parcel of the trade as well as being an operational necessity.


They have now considered that the penalty payments for baking production employees should be consistent with the penalty payments for baking production employees in the manufacturing instruments.


Fair Work Australia has stated that the general retail award covers retail and trades persons (bakers) in shops.


FWA has stated that they will make an order reflecting the conclusions reached in the decision.


An order of the Full Bench today set out the penalty rates for the Retail Modern Award for baking production employees as follows:


29.4 Baking production employees – Early morning shifts


(a) A baking production employee who commences a shift at or after 2.am and before 6.00am will be entitled to an early morning shift allowance of 12.5% (27.5% for casuals) for the shift


(b) A baking production employee who commences a shift prior to

2.00 am will be entitled to a night shift allowance of 30% (55% for casuals) for the shift


(c) The rates of pay for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays will be the same as for other shift workers.


(d) These allowances apply instead of shift worker allowances and overtime payments for all hours up to 38 hours per week and nine hours per day.


This is great news for the baking industry because those workers who start at around after 2am will only be subject to a 12.5% loading not the 30% as was outlined in the modern award

Please note that the 12.5% will also form part of the transitional arrangements.


We now have this victory, will continue to press forward with our submission for other amendments and update you on our progress.


Please contact the Workplace Relations team on (07) 3831 5961 if you are a member and have any questions or email Janet here.


Eat Safe a Positive Step for Baking Industry









National Baking Industry Association (NBIA) and Baking Industry Association Queensland (BIAQ) have both been working closely with Brisbane City Council on a new food safety initiative.



The Eat Safe Scheme, which was launched recently, will see all 6000+ licensed food businesses around the greater Brisbane area audited under the present Food Act 2006, then awarded a rating out of a five star system.



For bakeries and other food outlets, a major incentive is that the higher the star rating they achieve, the longer the time between audits. Furthermore, they also have the choice whether to display that rating or not, giving them the possibility of an additional marketing tool for their business.






Says NBIA General Manager Paul McDonald, “As an association we see the Eat Safe Scheme as a very positive step, where our bakers can use the 3-5 star rating to publically demonstrate and promote the fact that they have a healthy and hygienic food outlet which is safe to eat at.”






“Also, by having the option to publicly display these ratings; it will reward those bakeries and other food outlets that already practice high levels of food safety and hygiene, while encouraging others to improve their standards – a great benefit for the industry as a whole.”



For further information, please contact our Media & Publications Co-ordinator Briana Cicchelli on (07) 3831 5961 or email Briana@nbia.org.au


February 2010

Industrial Relations Update for Baking Industry


As all of our Bakery & Commercial member’s are aware, the Award summaries for the Restaurant; Fast Food; Food, Beverage and Tobacco; and General Retail Industries are now available.

If you are a member with BIAQ or NBIA and haven’t received these due to changing your email or postal address, please contact us immediately.


If you also have not been receiving our regular updates via email or fax with IR Fact Sheets, please contact us immediately also to update your details. These fact sheets & award summaries will be available to all members on the NBIA website shortly via log in.



Most recently we have sent out fact sheets on:

“Which Modern Award Covers My Business?”
(This is a full explanation of the Modern Awards and how they apply to businesses in the industry. This has been extremely helpful for those in the baking industry as there is no longer a Baking Award).


“Fair Work Act 2009 and Apprenticeships Traineeships in Queensland.” (This is relevant for Queensland members only)

“Transition into New Modern Awards.”
(Explains and gives examples of the 5 step phasing process)






As changes occur and if we receive several questions on a topic, a fact sheet is devised by our Workplace Relations Manager Janet Blythman for member’s.


We are also running workshops on these changes (please visit our Events page here) regularly in Brisbane and in conjunction with our Traveling Road Shows (our next is in Bundaberg on February 23, must register interest ASAP!). We will also run a workshop anywhere if minimum numbers of 10 are registered.



Please contact Billie at the office or email if you would like to register for a workshop (Member’s receive special pricing however non-members are welcome) or enquire about membership.




February 2010

Corporate Sponsorship for 2010 Closing Soon


The full corporate sponsorship package offer closes on Friday February 26, 2010. If you have not received this information, please contact us immediately as we have only limited places left.


Members receive discounts on this package that encompasses advertising & advertorial in the Australasian Baker magazine, sponsorship and tickets to events such as Baking Competitions, Awards Night, Workshops etc and we can customise what is offered to suit your business.

If you would like to be involved with individual events, please contact Billie at the office or email her here for more information.

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